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Due to COVID 19 and its various mutations, I will not be doing in-person counseling. However, I will be sharing these same tips with you each month on this page. 

My first tip is this: you must have a full-length mirror!  Never leave your home without checking yourself in this mirror, and you will be ready to face the world looking your best!

Tip number two: For special occasions, have a friend take a picture of you fully dressed and made up. This will allow you to make any changes necessary and you will enjoy yourself at your event without worrying about how you look!

Tip number three: Beauty begins on the inside. Yes. We want to look our best, but how you feel about yourself is the most important way to assure that the outside and inside work together. 


The B-12 Dress does what B-12 does to our bodies! It adds energy! It peps us up! It clears our minds! The B-12 Dress is the one item you will go to time and time again. You know it fits you to perfection! It's black, white, or your favorite color. It has many lives. Simply add jewelry, a scarf, a jacket, or a Ruana and it becomes a different dress! Only your closest friends will know you are wearing the same dress!



Nothing will pump up your wardrobe like a "Ruana." Usually seen in wool, the Ruana can be any fabric! A sheer Ruana layered over the B-12 Dress will energize your wardrobe!  The Ruana shown below will work with black or brown, over a dress or slacks and will completely change the look of your garments! The vibrant orange and yellow Ruana, above, works with orange, yellow, white, creme and green!